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As a Personal Development Coach...
I use wonder, wellness & wisdom to help you:

∗ Claim your Glory
∗ Improve Self-esteem
∗ Live Life Fully

using what I did to shift my own self-worth, access authentic expression & heal my workaholism. learn more

My Latest Blog Posts

I blog about tools for WonderWellness & Wonder. Featuring The Hot Project Self-Esteem Makeover & The Freedom Project Workaholic Rehab as well as my creative process.

DNA Testing for Optimum Health

Welcome to the Future! Most of us understand that the body’s ability to eliminate waste determines health and aging. That’s what detoxing is all about, and why we want to ingest more antioxidants and enzymes from fresh veggies. Other than those in the medical field,... read more

Yes, You’re Hot!

Yes, You’re Hot! is Hot Principle #1 of The Hot Project Self-Esteem Makeover to develop Sizzling Self-Esteem Inside and Out.

read more

How to Settle on a Job Title?

Job titles call for clarity, not creativity. Find out the point of a job title, in the first place. One of the only times, it makes sense to settle.

read more

In this video, you’ll see why I developed this work, and why it is so important to share with you.

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